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Neidfaktor Gives The Nissan GT-R Some Class

German interior specialist Neidfaktor has completed work on refining the cabin of a Nissan GT-R, a sports car so focused on performance that its interior has always been somewhat lackluster.

Neidfaktor’s modifications start with black leather and Alcantara wrapped across the seats, dashboard and door panels. The most eye-catching areas of these re-trimmed surfaces is, without question, the diamond-shaped stitching on the seats and the upper areas of the door panels.

Sticking with the leather and Alcantara theme, both materials can also be found the steering wheel.

Fittingly, a healthy dose of matte carbon fiber accents can be found throughout, including on the A-pillars, dashboard, center console and doors. To match the vehicle’s fluro yellow wrap, Neidfaktor also added color-matching grab handles.




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