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Project CARS 2 Toots Its Own Horn In Latest Trailer

With both fans and reviewers having had the chance to sample Project CARS 2, it seems that we're looking at the world's number 1 game as far as good 'ol plain racing is concerned.

Rival titles such as Forza may be a bit more mature, both story-wise as well as visually, yet when it comes to driving physics and realism, Project CARS 2 has a lot of people vouching for it.

Even during a recent Forza 7 review, we learned that the game doesn't sound as visceral as Project CARS 2, where you hear those realistic squeaks and clunks that still escape most, if not all other racing simulators.

Compared to the first iteration, this second installment features better handling, a new career mode, more choices when it comes to racing, revamped controls and smarter AI, which can be the downfall of any competitive game if it's not properly set up.

Also, since the focus on the game is pure racing dynamics, it's good to know that we can drive go-karts, participate in sports car championships, GT series, IndyCar, rallying, rallycross and endurance racing. A little something for everybody.




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