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Whatever it was that caused the driver of this pickup truck to lose control, we can acknowledge that it could have had potentially fatal consequences.

These types of accidents are extremely dangerous seen as how they occur at highway speeds, with plenty of other vehicles around.

In this particular case, the Ford pickup not only hit another vehicle, but also smashed into the wall before making its way across all lanes - which is where the driver got really lucky since another car could have easily plowed into him.

The description of the video doesn't offer an explanation for what happened, so at this point, your guess is as good as ours. Distracted driving, fell asleep at the wheel or perhaps rguing with another passenger?

Since the initial lane-change seemed on purpose, we could eliminate the "sleeping at the wheel" scenario. Afterwards, the truck just seems to drift slightly towards the second lane, which is when the driver starts yanking on the steering wheel trying to regain control.

Also, people need to start being less excited about witnessing accidents. The people in the dashcam car had a horrible reaction.

Note: Mind the colorful language in the video


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