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San Francisco Man Attacked After Running Over Lamborghini Aventador SV

A man has been filmed running over a Lamborghini Aventador SV in San Francisco before being attacked by the vehicle’s owner.

The crazy scenes were captured on film and show the man jump onto the Lamborghini’s hood, run across the windscreen and roof before placing a foot on the rear wing and jumping off. The Lamborghini owner briefly chases him down the road but soon stops.

Evidently eager to push his luck, the young man returns and again tries to run across the supercar. However, the owner manages to grab him, throwing the man to the ground and screaming “You’re lucky I don’t just f**king kill you right now... F**king c**t.”

Despite one onlooker encouraging the Lambo owner to drive away, he again throws the man to the ground as he attempts to run from the scene. After the altercation, the young man lies motionless on the ground.

It is currently unclear why the young man decided to cause such a scene in front of hundreds of onlookers.


A post shared by Robin Hong (@r6robin) on

A post shared by Robin Hong (@r6robin) on


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