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Aston Martin Will Build You A One-Off For At Least $2.6 Million

Many car collectors and enthusiasts lust over limited-edition exotics but for a select few, even these creations aren’t special enough. This is where Aston Martin’s Prototype Operations steps in.

Like a number of other automakers, the British marque will build one-off creations for select clientele but gaining entry into the firm’s secret club of bespoke automobiles isn’t cheap.

In fact, during a recent interview with Road and Track, company chief executive Andy Palmer said the starting price for one-off vehicles starts at two million pounds ($2.6 million) and that just two one-off models are built annually.

“We have one last category of car, which is the one-offs. These are the very-very special cars. The ones you’ll know about are things like the CC100 or the GT12 Volante. And for those very special customers who want a very special car, we sell two of those slots every year. The next four slots are already sold, and to walk through that particular door, the starting price is two million pounds ($2.6 Million). But they are very special cars,” Palmer said.

The company’s head also said that some of the brand’s one-offs will never be seen by the public.




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