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See Anything Wrong With This Saturn Sky?

We want to start off by saying that we don't have anything against the Saturn Sky. Alongside its cousins, the Pontiac Solstice and Opel GT, it was pretty fun to drive, under the right circumstances.

This particular Sky, however, is a little bit of an impostor. Before we talk about the elephant in the room, we need to address the 'turbo' badge at the rear, specifically the fact that it probably shouldn't be there. Turbo versions had exhaust tips on both sides. So...fake?

As for the car's appearance, which is what really caught our eye while browsing reddit, thanks to users linkwolf98 and guzman_hemi, we can now all raise our eyebrows together.

First, the spare wheel attached to the rear end. Where do we even begin with that? It might look good on a Wrangler, but on a two-door sporty convertible? Let's just say utility vehicles and sports car don't usually mix, so let us know how you feel about that.

Then there's the rear wing. Actually wings, plural, although we'll just address the massive one since the smaller stock wing hardly stands out. It's safe to say the large wing isn't there to add more downforce to a car that wouldn't exactly feel at home on a race track. I'm sure you can find more aftermarket mods on the car to talk about in the comments.

So if the owner of this Sky is trying to earn style points, that might be a problem as well, judging by the name of the thread we found the images on.




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