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Should Ford's Edge Be In Your Crossover Shopping List?

Are you looking for a near-sporty crossover with near-premium looks? The Ford Edge could be a great choice, as long as you don't need seven seats.

The 2017 Edge is well equipped for the urban landscape, as Kelley Blue Book's Micah Muzio will point out. Buyers have a choice of three engines and they can get the car with plenty of on-board features that ultimately make their lives easier.

Furthermore, if you're a fan of the Edge's edges (pun intended), you might even consider purchasing one of the more expensive versions, like the Titanium or the Sport, although you should know that the much larger Explorer is almost right there with the Edge in terms of pricing.

Still, the more stylish Edge does a good job with practicality, able to house large voluminous objects in the trunk, while leaving plenty of room in the back for three adults. Speaking of the interior, it's somewhat elegant with good quality materials, plus it features lots of places to store your valuables.

Finally, on the road, the handling is decent, although Muzio recommends you go for the Sport version which features a tuned suspension, helping this SUV tackle corners with more poise.




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