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This frightening crash involved three BMW M235i models, with the real culprit being the driver who inadvertently executed a PIT maneuver on one of his fellow racers.

You can see it all unfolding around the 5-second mark when one of the M-cars is spun around, making contact with another M235i who was just trying to make the corner cleanly.

Unfortunately, the driver responsible for initiating the first contact couldn't slow down after ending up on the grass for a while, smashing into the opposing guardrail at a considerably high speed. We can only hope that he's OK.

Yet, according to the description of the video, the most unfortunate of them all was the driver of car #695, the one who was just trying to make the corner when it got hit by the out of control M235i. Apparently, #695 rolled over twice (off camera) before coming to a halt.

Leaving enough room for your fellow drivers is a crucial aspect when racing. Tight-knit group, narrow section of the track, high speed, aggressive driving, equals recipe for disaster.


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