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Toyoda Gosei To Showcase The Flesby II Concept In Tokyo

Toyoda Gosei has announced plans to introduce a handful of new concepts at the Tokyo Motor Show.

The most interesting of the group is the Flesby II which is billed as an ultra-compact vehicle designed for 2030.

The cartoonish looking concept has a welcoming appearance as well as a soft exterior which is constructed from e-rubber. The latter substance has a handful of purposes as its shaped can be changed with electricity and its soft surface helps to prevent injuries to pedestrians.

The company will also display a Flesby II interior concept which resembles an egg and promises to envelop drivers in a relaxing environment that features softly-textured materials as well LED lighting.

Besides the Flesby II concepts, Toyoda Gosei will showcase some ideas that could potentially be used on autonomous and electric vehicles. The first is a futuristic front end concept which has a plastic grille module that incorporates cameras and a millimeter wave radar for autonomous driving systems. The concept also features communication lamps that "inform people ... of the vehicle’s conditions and intentions."

The company will also display an interior concept with a next-generation steering wheel that is able to sense the driver’s condition with cameras and sensors.

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