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Even though we're geared towards, you know, vehicles firmly planted on the road on four wheels, over the years, we have covered some pretty exciting stories on motorcycles.

You can include this video in that list too. It shows a Yamaha R6 chasing an R1 on the Motorsport Arena Oschersleben, in Germany,  occasionally reaching speeds of over 200km/h (124mph).

The young rider might not be able to challenge Valentino Rossi just yet, but he's more than qualified to come up with some exciting runs, so checking out his YouTube channel here should keep you occupied for a few good hours.

The Yamaha R6 uses a 600cc inline-four engine that puts down 114PS (112hp) and 62Nm (46lb-ft) of torque. In the world of cars, that doesn’t mean anything, but this bike tips the scale at 190kg (419lbs), with a full tank, so it's no wonder that it goes like crazy.


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