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ABT Sportsline has released what is likely to be the first power upgrade for the new Volkswagen Arteon.

Applied to the car presented by the tuner a few weeks back, it's targeted at the 2.0-liter gasoline engine, rated at 280PS (276hp) and 350Nm (258lb-ft) of torque in stock form.

The unit welcomes an AEC (ABT Engine Control) unit, which raises output to 350PS (345hp) and 420Nm (310lb-ft) of torque. This helps the Arteon differentiate from its more conservative sibling, the Volkswagen Passat, on a performance level, but don't search for any acceleration numbers, though, because the tuner has yet to provide them.

Making sure that the four-door coupe looks instantly noticeable are a few visual upgrades, which were detailed when ABT released initial details in late September. These are joined by a sports suspension, and a number of available alloy wheel sets. These include the ABT Sport ER-C 19-inch, wrapped in 245/40 high-performance winter tires, along with rims from the DR, FR, and GR series, 19-, 20-, and 21-inch in size.


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