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2018 Ford Mustang Likes Its Wheels And Fenders Wide

While we've seen plenty of wide-body kits for the sixth-generation Mustang, the facelifted model has yet to make the rounds properly.

What we like about this particular Mustang is the smooth aggressiveness. It doesn't necessarily beg for your attention thanks to the dark theme, though to be fair, those 20" wheels are really hard to miss.

Those rims are called Appuntito-ECL and are manufactured by Forgiato. You can get them in multiple sizes, from 19" through 22", as well as 24" and 26".

Inside, we can spot a pair of racing seats and a roll cage, which in turn lets us know this car means business and it's not just all show and no go.

As for the kit, if you compare it to that widebody Shelby Super Snake concept unveiled earlier this year, you might find that the fenders on this car are slightly wider, we're talking almost Liberty Walk levels of width here.




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