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Range Rover SD1 Is A Study On A Fastback Crossover

While Coupe-like SUVs have been around for a long time, if this Range Rover SD1 Concept was real, it could raise the bar for these type of cars.

Designed by Pablo Pereyra, the SD1 SUV Concept looks like a fastback, as the roof slopes downwards all the way to the rear of the car, just like on a classic Mustang Fastback or a Chrysler Crossfire.

While perhaps futuristic, the front end design is still somewhat Range Rover-like, so imagining this thing as a real life concept wouldn't be so hard, until you get to the rear that is.

The styling of the hatch is unlike anything we've seen on Range Rover-badged products, and not only because of the downwards sloping roof line. The taillights are integrated into the roof pillar as well as the fender, a design that may remind you of something like a Citroen C4 Coupe, only those taillights were positioned vertically, whereas these are more horizontal.

Overall, it's an interesting proposal, one that's perhaps not as elegant as you'd expect from a Range Rover. Yet, it definitely looks sporty, which some, if not most, should appreciate.




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