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2019 Mercedes G-Class Interior Leaked: High-Tech But Not Afraid To Get Dirty

A series of photos showing the new dashboard of the 2019 G-Class before the official reveal went online, revealing what’s changed.

If you followed our previous scoops on the new G-Class, then the changes should come as no surprise. The new dashboard does a good job at integrating Mercedes’ latest wide-display tech without altering too much the character of the interior which doesn’t try to hide its utilitarian roots as displayed by the grab handle in front of the passenger and its sober lines.

Replacing an icon isn’t that easy but Mercedes appears to have figured out how to give the world a new G-Class, without messing too much with the ingredients that made it so popular in the first place.

The images come courtesy of Dutch Autoweek. The 2019 G-Class will come with modern switchgear known from other models in the range while adopting circular air-vents. The three switches for locking the corresponding differentials remain between the two central air-vents and the new three-spoke steering wheel is the same one fitted in the latest S-Class.

And while the dummy display model features classic analog gauges for the driver, it’s almost certain that future G-Class customers will be offered a digital option as well, same with those offered in other models.

The new generation G-Class is expected to look largely unchanged from the current model but the update is much more significant under the skin. Mercedes has given the 2019 G-Class not only a wider ladder chassis and a new independent suspension for better road manners but adaptive dampers as well.

The model’s new electrical architecture also means that the G-Class will come with a full range of the latest assistance systems that not only increase safety and comfort but also make it a lot more competent when the asphalt stops.

As for when we’ll finally see the new G-Class being revealed, the latest reports talk about Mercedes debuting its new cult off-roader at the Detroit Motor Show this January.




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