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A Nissan Juke Was Modded For All Things Rallying

When you're building a rally car, it's usually something that's fundamentally sporty, which should all but eliminate the Nissan Juke from contention.

Yet, owner Lars Wolfe built this 2013 Juke as the so-called "multipurpose racer", modifying it for hill climb events, rally, road courses, rallycross and pretty much anything else rally-related.

While it's powered by a 1.6-liter direct-injection factory unit, the engine underwent several modifications, including a custom turbocharger and ECU tuning. In other words, this is definitely not your girlfriend's Juke.

As for the interior, it's been stripped down and properly customized to handle rallying, which obviously means no backseat, a pair of Sparcos in the front, roll cage, the works.

So what's it like to drive on canyon roads? Pretty fun and mighty loud, according to The Smoking Tire's Matt Farah. He deemed the steering feel as being very precise, the brakes were good (even though the car has no ABS and the wheels can lock up) and so was the acceleration.




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