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Anyone Have $440k To Spare For A Porsche 911 Sport Classic?

Classically inspired 911s are becoming a big deal with Porschephiles. To satisfy those tastes, Porsche created the 911 R, the GT3 Touring, and the latest Carrera T. But before any of those, there was the Sport Classic.

Based on the 997-generation Carrera S, the 911 Sport Classic debuted at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show, packed with retro cues. It had a ducktail spoiler, Zagato-style double-bubble roof, Fuchs-style wheels, light grey paintjob with tone-on-tone racing stripes, and a delicious coffee-brown woven leather seats.

Of course the timeless 911 design made it a perfect canvas for the retro treatment, and the combination of naturally aspirated engine and six-speed manual transmission did nothing to pop that bubble. But the engineers in Zuffenhausen still managed to squeeze in modern technologies like carbon-ceramic brakes, an adaptive suspension, and variable exhaust.

Porsche charged €169,300 for the Sport Classic in 2010, but with only 250 made, they've been trading at prices far higher. This one, with 11,110 miles on the clock, is listed for €380,000, which works out to roughly $440k at current exchange rates – or more than twice the original sticker price

For that kind of money, you could get a new 911 GT3 (with or without the Touring package) and three Carrera Ts. Those aren't limited-edition models like the Sport Classic was, though, and probably won't hold their value the same (much less appreciate over time). If any of that makes the prospect of buying this one enticing, head on over to Jean Lain Vintage in Chambéry, France.

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