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Bikini-Clad Girl Runs Out Of Car Following Collision

What we have here is a clear-cut case of somebody running a red light and smashing into another car.

In fact, the title of the video gives everything away. The driver of the blue Toyota Corolla sedan t-boned that white Honda Accord after failing to stop at the light.

However, that's not the whole story, because if you keep watching, you just might just notice all the girls that jump out of that Corolla, one of whom is turning on the burners so as to cover up her bikini bottoms as quickly as possible.

The impact wasn't too hard, thankfully, and everybody involved seemed to be in good health, at least from a distance. As for where this occurred, the description of the video states "the highway exit to Picton", which is in New South Wales, Australia, just south of Sydney.

From the looks of it, these ladies may have been coming back from the beach, or perhaps the pool, and the one behind the wheel might have been a little distracted as she approached the intersection.




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