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Toyota's T-HR3 Robot Will Transport You To The Future

As if developing advanced hydrogen and electric vehicles for the car industry wasn�t enough, Toyota has found the time to create this; the T-HR3.

The creation is Toyota�s third-generation �humanoid robot� and has been designed to provide people with assistance in the home, in hospitals and even outer space.

The Toyota T-HR3 robot doesn�t use artificial intelligence and is instead controlled by a separate contraption, dubbed the Master Maneuvering System, that the operator is strapped into. This allows the operator�s movements to be replicated by the robot and its 29 distinct body parts. Additionally, the T-HR3 provides force feedback to the operator through the control chair.

Beyond replicating the movements of a human strapped into the control chair, the T-HR3 utilizes Flexible Joint Control to allow it to control the force of contact it makes with objects in its surrounding environment.

Toyota hasn�t said what it aims to achieve with the T-HR3 but will display the robot at the International Robot Exhibition 2017 from November 29 to December 2.



Third Generation Humanoid Robot T-HR3 B-roll from ToyotaGB on Vimeo.


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