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China Has Made Another Ford F-150 Clone, This Time Of The Raptor

The Chinese are back at it, creating a pickup truck that takes obvious design inspiration from the Ford F-150 Raptor.

Reports from China say that the vehicle comes from a company dubbed Projen and while sales of the pickup have yet to commence, we wouldn�t be surprised if the carmaker has some difficulties actually bringing it to the market.

Back in 2012, JAC Motors unveiled a direct copy of the Ford F-150 to its dealers in China. However, Ford managed to prevent the company from building the pickup, revealing to the press that it had gone to the trouble of securing design patents in China. Given the popularity of the F-150 Raptor, we�d be surprised if Ford didn�t also have patents for the hardcore pickup in China as well.

Either way, the design of the Projen is hilariously similar to the real thing. For starters, the blacked-out front grille is essentially identical to the Raptor, as are the headlights. Additionally, the Projen includes a silver skid plate, beefy wheels, tires, and tailgate and taillight designs similar to the Raptor.

If the Projen does somehow reach the production line before Ford steps in, it will allegedly carry a 2.5-liter turbocharged engine.




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