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Audi's Holiday Parking Lot Ad Takes Subtle Swipe At Mercedes

It looks like Audi just couldn't help themselves from taking another shot at Mercedes-Benz owners in their latest ad for the holidays, titled "Parking Lot."

The ad itself is pretty fun, fast-paced and realistic, in the sense that trying to find a spot at a shopping mall during holiday season can be an even bigger nightmare than what's being portrayed here.

Starring in the commercial are two RS-powered Audis, specifically an RS3 sedan and an RS7. Safe to say, there's not a lot of room to put any significant power down inside a parking garage.

Yet, that's exactly what the guys behind the wheel did, while trying to find a spot and get their shopping on. Eventually, their mood goes from calm, to stressed out, and in the end, quite desperate.

As for what Audi thinks of Mercedes-Benz owners, midway through the commercial you can see a confused elderly man trying to find his car by pressing the buttons on his key. Then, behind him, you'll see the trunk open on a Mercedes-Benz saloon, a bit out of focus.

The look of astonishment on the Audi driver's face is pretty priceless though.




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