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Fast And Furious Bus Driver Has Close Call With Tram

It's not the scene of a new Fast and Furious movie stunt, but a very risky maneuver pulled by a bus driver in Bucharest, Romania, earlier this week.

The reckless driver can be seen traveling on the tramlines, nearly missing a tram that was coming from the opposite way, while overtaking - you guessed it, another tram.

The alleged attempt to beat rush hour traffic could have led to some serious consequences, and what's more surprising is that the bus is owned by the Romanian Ministry of Internal Affairs, being assigned to the constabulary.

Since the incident has caused a stir after it was presented by the local news bulletins, the driver has been identified, and the local media says that legal measures will be taken against him, for reckless driving, illegal overtaking, and jeopardizing the lives of bystanders. Additionally, he could also lose his job, besides his driving license.

This is the second incident reported this week involving a bus, with the previous showing a vehicle engulfed in flames, somewhere in Russia, driving down the road as if nothing had happened. Luckily, nobody was injured in either case.




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