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Ultraviolet Porsche 911 GT3 RS Poses With Pink Wheels

Ultraviolet Purple is one of the wackiest colors offered by Porsche and works beautifully with the flowing design of the 911 GT3 RS. However, that doesn’t mean the paint scheme can’t be messed up with a set of wheels.

The latest project from ADV.1 Wheels, this GT3 RS has been equipped with ADV5.2 M. V2 Advanced Series wheels measuring 20x9.5 at the front and 21x12.5 at the rear. With a Brushed Pink and Gloss Clear finish, they’d worked nicely with Paris Hilton’s pink Bentley, but the same cannot be said about this 911.

For starters, pink and purple simply do not go well together in a car. Secondly, the bright yellow brake calipers and RS logos across the sports car further clash with the wheels, creating a mish-mash of really awkward proportions.

Fortunately, this GT3 RS isn’t beyond repair. In fact, all it needs is for the wheels to be resprayed black, silver or grey and the car would be returned to its former glory.




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