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First Look Inside The 2019 Lamborghini Urus Reveals High-Tech Cockpit

We’re about three weeks away from the official debut of the new Lamborghini Urus but images of its interior have already surfaced online.

Courtesy of Instagram user altdynamic, the images reveal the dashboard of the new Lambo SUV which features the latest display technologies of the VW Group mixed with the Italian company’s familiar hexagone-based theme.

Just like the latest generation of the Audi A8 and A7, the new Lamborghini Urus makes use of two digital displays, one for infotainment purposes and one for the HVAC controls while the driver’s gauges are digital as expected.

The air-vents follow a similar design with the Huracan while the center console appears to have the same flip-switch red cover for the engine start/stop button. A pair of dramatically styled knobs is positioned on both sides of the engine start button, controlling the different driving modes of the car as shown in the recently released teaser videos. A new touchpad controller is also present.

A twin-turbo V8 with around 650hp will enable the new Lamborghini Urus to make some bold claims in terms of on-road performance but the Italian company also promises to offer true off-road capabilities as a nod to the classic LM002.

Lamborghini will reveal the new Urus on December 4 at its HQ in Sant’Agata, with the first deliveries expected to start in mid-2018. Stay tuned for more in the next days.




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