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Jaguar To Shuffle Around Battery Pack For Future EVs

Jaguar has revealed that it will have to shuffle around the battery pack of the all-electric I-Pace when producing other EVs.

The British marque made the decision to give the I-Pace an SUV-shaped body as it allowed its engineers to implement a higher roofline, allowing for the battery pack to be mounted under a raised floor, Auto Express reports.

However, non-SUV EVs from Jaguar won’t have things so easy, particularly if they are low-slung sports cars and sedans. Consequently, batteries will have to be spread out throughout the vehicle, design director Ian Callum said.

“We know that we’ll have to be flexible in how the battery packs are built up. They don’t necessarily need to be a single slab in one area, as long as they’re properly interconnected.

“So yes, we’re looking at various configurations as we look beyond the I-Pace - particularly to help with the H-point [the height of the occupants’ hips] in the rear seats because that’s really one of the defining areas,” Callum said.

At this stage, no concrete information has been released about what electric vehicles will follow the I-Pace. However, we recently learned that the I-Pace’s platform will probably be used by other models.




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