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Mercedes-AMG GT R-Inspired Bike Costs More Than A Dacia Sandero

Mercedes-AMG are celebrating their 50th anniversary with a new Rotwild R.S2 Limited Edition racing bike that pays homage to the track-focused GT R flagship.

Said to combine "the best of the racing world on four and two wheels", including "driving dynamics, lightweight construction, design, and comfort", it's limited to just 50 examples, with each of them is priced at €7,109 ($8,259).

The price itself has a lot of significance, as it's reminiscent of the lap time set by the Mercedes-AMG GT R on the Nurburgring - 7 minutes and 10.9 seconds.

However, that's not the only key aspect here, because the bike has a hand-built frame that features many carbon fiber bits and pieces, aimed at keeping its weight down. Moreover, its specially shaped seat provides the rider with enhanced comfort on long rides, the 29-inch carbon wheels "enable strong acceleration and improved braking deceleration", and the disk brakes, shifter, crankset, chain, speed cassette, and others, were developed by Shimano.

So, what would it be? The carbon/hell green-finished racing bike, or a new Dacia Sandero, which starts at just under €7,000 ($8,133) in Germany?




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