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New Porsche Panamera Looks Even Better With Aftermarket Wheels

The Porsche Panamera has been in production since 2009 but it wasn’t until the second-gen model, introduced last year, that the German automaker nailed the sports sedan formula.

The first-generation Panamera was a valiant attempt but with the new model, Porsche has created appealing exterior and interior designs, a car equipped with all the luxury features you could wish for and that must-have, sports car-like performance.

So, how do you make the new Panamera even better?

Well, the owner of the following Panamera Turbo, finished in black, has done just that thanks to a set of HRE P200 wheels painted Gloss Black.

The spokes of the wheels have quite a complex design and therefore wouldn’t be to everyone’s taste. However, we think they work perfectly with the Panamera’s refined and subtle design, adding a dash of aggression and wildness.




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