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New Porsche Panamera Shows Off Widebody Kit And 22" Wheels

To some people, buying an expensive car and not fitting it with a really aggressive widebody kit and large wheels, is the equivalent of being a Power Ranger and not calling upon the Megazord. In other words, it just wouldn't be as cool.

This Panamera is wearing a TechArt GT aero kit, which adds new front and rear aprons, an integrated splitter, side skirts, rear diffuser and a large rear wing that's fixed into place.

The standard TechArt GT also comes with black 22" Formula IV alloys, however this one is wearing a set of dual-tone 22" Forgiato wheels, which feature a more complex design.

Based on the stickers found on the windshield and C-pillar windows, it was put together by RDBL, and we have to say, this car certainly looks a lot more aggressive than the stock Panamera - which we imagine is what the owner was going for.

While we can't see the interior, we know that TechArt offers fine leather and Alcantara options, as well as laquered or carbon-refined surfaces. There's also a smaller TechArt Type-7 steering wheel available, for those who prefer a more sporty-themed experience.

Altogether, the TechArt GT kit makes the 2017 Porsche Panamera wider by approximately 80 mm (3.1 in), which may not sound like much, yet it's definitely noticeable from all angles.




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