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Now This Is What Autonomous Race Cars Should Look Like

Roborace, the world’s first autonomously racing series, has been hit with numerous delays and has yet to commence.

Nevertheless, the impending championship does open up the possibility of other autonomous racing series’ and this creation designed by Fernando Pastre Fertonani would be perfect for a futuristic championship.

Like the cars designed for Roborace, the lack of a human driver and implementation of an electric powertrain has allowed Fertonani to design something that looks nothing like a regular car. Dubbed the N.01 Autonomous Race Car Concept, it wouldn’t look out of place on a foreign planet in a new Star Wars film.

The front of the concept features an exceptionally low bonnet and only a slim air intake, presumably to cool the front brakes. Jutting up from the low-profile body are huge wheel arches and a set of racing wheels.

At the rear, the N.01 concept has a Le Mans-inspired shark fin and rear wheels open to the wind and complemented by horizontal pieces of bodywork.

We’re not sure if autonomous racing will ever take off but we wouldn’t be opposed to see some of the design elements of this concept, inspired by the SR-71 Blackbird, become a reality on production cars.




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