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Report Claims Tesla Model S Is Less Eco-Friendly Than Mitsubishi Mirage

The Tesla Model S is often heralded as the best electric vehicle on the market but a new report suggests it might not actually be that environmentally friendly.

As Auto Express reports, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology compared the lifecycle CO2 emissions of several different vehicles including a BMW 7-Series, a Mitsubishi Mirage, and a Tesla Model S.

 The results are a tad surprising as the report claims the Mirage is actually the most eco-friendly of the group as the car emits 192 grams of CO2 for every kilometer it is driven. The Model S wasn't far behind at 226 g/km, while the 7-Series registered 385 g/km.

While you're probably thinking how can an electric vehicle produce CO2 emissions, MIT Tranick Lab examined multiple factors including how much emissions were created in the vehicle's production and how much emissions would be made when the vehicle was scrapped. They also examined how much CO2 would be produced as a result of powering the vehicle whether it used gasoline or electricity generated by power plants.

The researchers appeared to have made several assumptions but they stress they weren't trying to shine a negative light on electric vehicles. As MIT’s Jessika Trancik explained, “Both hybrids and electric vehicles are better than conventional cars."

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