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Russian Bus Driver Ignores Onboard Fire, Calmly Cruises Down The Road

In Mother Russia, flames don’t stop you from driving, even if they are inches away.

Take this bus driver, for example, who decided to continue cruising down the road, even if the flames were within arm's reach.

The man must have probably quickly assessed the situation, deciding that despite the imminent danger of permanent mutilation and even death, it wasn’t quite the time to pull over and try to put out the fire, or even contact the emergency services.

Unfortunately, as the case goes with many of these strange videos, there's absolutely no background info accompanying them. However, in this case, we do know that a fellow motorist shot it on a mobile phone last month, somewhere in Russia, but that's where our knowledge on the incident ends.

Reading the comments won't help shed any light on the case either, but they will probably put a smile on your face, if stereotypes don’t offend you.

Still, quite an educational film, isn’t it?




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