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VW Group Planning A Host Of Hybrid Hot Hatches

Aware that it will take many years for all-electric vehicles to become commonplace, the Volkswagen Group intends on launching a selection of hybrid hot hatches early next decade as it continues its introduction of electrified models.

It is reported that senior executives at the automaker believe these hybrid hatchbacks will prove to be a valuable stepping stone towards full electrification and help to win over car enthusiasts about the benefits of electric propulsion.

Speaking to Autocar, an unnamed source said it is important to move step by step into the EV future.

“We are not just flicking a switch and expecting people to move to fully electric cars – it is a process that will take decades, and we must help take people through the transition step by step by showing what the possibilities are.”

It seems likely that one of the first hot hatches within the VW Group to receive hybrid power could be the next-generation Skoda Fabia vRS. Despite being a number of years away from being introduced, Skoda chief executive Bernhard Maier said it would make sense to electrify the model.

At the start of this year, it emerged that the next-generation Volkswagen Golf GTI could also use a hybrid powertrain. If current rumors hold true, that would mean a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine complemented by a 48V electrical system and integrated starter motor.




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