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Wheelsandmore Tunes Up Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster To 670HP

It may be shot in white and black, reminiscent of times long gone, but there's nothing classic about this Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster.

In fact, it's very modern, and it has as much power as the Ferrari 488 Spider, which sits in a different league, after graduating from the Wheelsandmore academy.

In its most potent form, the German sports car turned super pushes an amazing 670hp and 821Nm (606lb-ft) of torque, which represents and additional 123hp and 140Nm (103lb-ft) of torque over the stock model. If this feels like too much, then you could always choose Stage 1 and 2, which get 590hp and 626hp in total, respectively.

The name of the company is Wheelsandmore, so they have also covered the 'wheels' part with a set of ultraconcave design F.I.W.E. rims, measuring 9x21- and 12.5x21-inch front and rear, shod in 245/30 and 325/25 Michelin Pilot Supersport tires.

Making this Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster appear even more dramatic are the satin black finish, and height-adjustable springs, which can be replaced with a coilover suspension made by KW for enhanced track performance.




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