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96-Year-Old Driver Somehow Survived This Horrendous Accident

We don't know why the 96-year old driver of this black sedan lost control of his car, but he should still consider himself lucky, despite suffering leg and spinal injuries, as he wasn't killed in this terrifying accident.

The incident occurred earlier this month in Melbourne, Australia, and according to the owner of the dashcam car, the damage sustained by his vehicle as well as the one beside it, was quite severe.

He also assumes that what happened prior to the crash was that the elderly man "mixed up the accelerator and brake." Aside from the driver's previously-mentioned injuries, nobody else was harmed, even though there were people in the vicinity.

The dashcam owner mentions how he arrived to find a scary scene unfolding right where his car was parked:

"An announcement came over the PA asking for the drivers of two cars, one with my registration number, to come to the reception area immediately. I saw police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances everywhere. Luckily nobody was killed."

He also said that both damaged vehicles were taken away on tow trucks and so, we presume, was the elderly man's black sedan that, ironically, ended its wild ride into a local hospital...




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