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All-Wheel Drive Mazda3 And Mazda6 Could Come To U.S.

Mazda says it is investigating the possibility of adding all-wheel drive to the Mazda3 and new Mazda6 sold in the United States.

At the LA Auto Show, the carmaker lifted the veil on the updated 6, complete with a stunning exterior design and turbocharged petrol engine. During an interview with Car Advice at the show, Mazda North America Operations president and chief executive, Masahiro Moro, said the brand is investing all-wheel drive.

“I think we are not able to combine four-wheel drive and the 2.5-litre turbo. We have a layout issue with the sedans, that’s why a four-wheel drive isn’t deployed on the Mazda 3 and 6 so far.

“But there is a huge demand, at least what I know is that in the east coast of the USA, 80 or 90 per cent of premium sedans are sold with all-wheel drive.

“Four-wheel drive becomes a premium queue for US consumers and obviously I have asked our R&D department to think about how we can accommodate four-wheel drive capability in the future,” Moro said.

The pre-facelift Mazda6 has been sold in all-wheel drive configuration in Japan and Europe and if the marque is serious about capturing new customers in the U.S., it appears as if all-wheel drive is a must.




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