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Atlantis Blue Paintjob Suits This BMW Individual 750Li Just Fine

Some Middle Eastern markets can't get enough of BMWs with wacky paintjobs and interiors, hence the multitude of flashy cars that emerge, quite often, from BMW Abu Dhabi Motors.

The latest one is a 750Li, which may not be the flagship version of the new 7-Series, but it's still very quick, capable of reaching 100km/h (62mph) in 4.5sec, thanks to its 445hp and 650Nm (479lb-ft) of torque V8 engine.

However, its performance is not what interests us, in this case, because this particular example is finished in Atlantis Blue. The color, which is the work of BMW Individual, was also applied to other BMWs in the past, including several M3s and M4s, and represents a step away from the default black, grey, or white finishes that most customers prefer for the 7-Series.

Step inside, though, and you'll see the bright red leather that covers the seats, door panels, lower part of the dashboard, and central console, contrasting its exterior and making the whole car more unique.

Now, for the right sum, Abu Dhabi Motors, which happens to be the world's largest BMW dealership, would sell you an identical BMW 750Li, as this one is probably spoken for, and if you're not fans of the flashy bits, then you could tell them exactly what you want and they'll make it happen.




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