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Is The 2018 BMW M5 The New King Of Super Saloons?

BMW has taken the M5 into its sixth generation, which sports, for the first time, not only a controversial four-wheel drive system but also plenty of new features.

Starting with its exterior design, it is quite restrained and at first glance you might mistake it for regular 5-Series, but look closer and you will see the wider air intakes at the front, large diffuser at the rear, carbon fiber roof, specific wheels and M badges.

Step inside and you will also see the M add-ons over lesser 5-Series, such as the sport seats and steering wheel, in addition to the exclusive aluminum trim and a variety of options that could eventually make your new M5 weigh in excess of 2 tons (4,410lbs) and cost more than €117,900 ($140,182) in Germany.

The 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 puts out 600PS (592hp) and 750Nm (553lb-ft) of torque, which is 40PS (39hp) and 70Nm (52lb-ft) more than its predecessor. However, compared to its direct rival, the range-topping Mercedes-AMG E63 S, it's down by 12PS (12hp) and 100Nm (74lb-ft).

For the first time ever, the new BMW M5 is offered with a four-wheel drive system, though not the usual xDrive that you would find on the rest of the 5-Series' range, but one developed by the brand's M division. This means that it's rear-wheel drive-biased, offers massive grip and comes with various configurations that allow drivers to put it into 2WD, which really comes to life when unleashed on the track.

Enough talk; let's see what the new BMW M5 actually feels like in the hands of Autocar and AutoExpress, who tested the new Bavarian super saloon. Both agree that it's reasonably comfortable as an everyday driver and more civilized than an AMG E63, but is it the game-changer we were expecting?




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