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Driving Towards A Wildfire In LA Looks Like Armageddon

Morning commuters on Interstate 405 in the Bel Air area of Los Angeles were left stunned yesterday morning as a huge wildfire got nervously close to the road.

KTLA5 reports that the wildfire near The Getty Center prompted the temporary closure of the 405, just hours after the blaze started near Mulholland Drive.

Footage captured by drivers on the 405 show the inferno stretching down large hills and towards the road, creating a scene that looks like something akin to an apocalyptic Hollywood film.

It is reported that the fire ripped through 50 acres of land in a little over 30 minutes and by 3 pm, it had spread to roughly 475 acres in size, threatening homes in the Bel Air area and prompting the evacuations of over roughly 46,000 people.




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