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Ford GT On Custom Wheels Is PURe Wallpaper Material

Unlike other supercars that get racing versions, the new Ford GT was, allegedly, designed as a race car first and foremost. So, even if some owners feel dissatisfied with their choice, the general consensus it that the Blue Oval's supercar is a true masterpiece.

Even so, a number of people always like to personalize their ride - and the easiest way is fitting a new set of wheels. Ford lets you choose between one-piece forged-aluminum or carbon fiber 20-inch rims, but PUR thinks it can do better with its RS10.

According to the company, its wheels, which measure 20x9 and 20x12 inches front and rear respectively and are finished in Lumiere Grey, are engineered from aerospace-grade 6061-T6 forged aluminum and are compatible with OEM tire pressure monitoring sensors as well.

The custom rims, shod in high-performance Michelin tires with a yellow stripe, suit the car perfectly, and their shade contrasts the vibrant yellow paint job of this particular GT.




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