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MINI Yours Customized Service Will Allow Owners To Create Custom Components

MINI offers an impressive array of customization options but the company is taking it one step further by announcing its new "MINI Yours Customized" service.

Designed to appeal to customization fanatics, the service allows owners to build unique components through a dedicated online shop. Once users customize their parts, they will be created using procedures such as 3D printing and laser etching. The parts will then be delivered to customers who can either install the components themselves or have a dealership do it.

The service will be offered in "Europe and other large markets" and it will allow owners to create custom "side scuttles" in Aspen White matte, Chili Red matte, Jet Black matte, Melting Silver matte, or White Silver matte. MINI says the customization options are nearly endless as they could include everything from the owner's name to their favorite number.

Another exterior option involves the door projectors which can be modified to include special patterns or even the owner's signature. The interior hasn't been overlooked either as the service allows users to create customized illuminated door sill plates and bespoke trim for the passenger side dashboard.

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