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Next Jaguar XJ Promises To Be "Something Quite Special"

The Jaguar XJ is getting long-in-tooth but Jaguar Design Director Ian Callum has revealed an all-new model is on the horizon.

Speaking to Car Magazine, Callum said "We’ve gone through a lot of debate on the XJ and come up with something quite special." He was tight-lipped on specifics but stated "As we work on the next one [XJ], I’ll make sure it holds onto the values of the first one and the latest one." The styling guru declined to say when the model will be introduced but he confirmed the car will not be unveiled next year which is the 50th anniversary of the XJ.

Besides talking about the XJ, Callum said automotive design in reaching a turning point as electrification and autonomous driving technology will change everything we known about car design. While everyone is going to have to deal with the changes, Callum said "If we could all jump forward 30 years, we’d all be happy to do that."

Despite the upcoming changes, Callum said "If you want a brand to prosper, you need to create extremities, such as the Porsche 911. It’s arguable that the Boxster is a better car, but it’s about the outliers." He added Jaguar has "always been about exotic sports cars" and that needs to continue in the future.

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