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Be it the classic recipe or the diet version, Coca-Cola, as other soft drinks, cannot be used as a substitute for gasoline or diesel.

However, for the fun of it, a YouTuber who’s particularly famous for ruining phones, has decided to put 2 liters of Coke in the gas tank of his BMW E46 325i Estate.

What happens next is very much predictable, as he jumped behind the wheel and started driving, while his shotgun-riding companion filmed their short journey, before the car's engine failed, leaving them in the middle of a junction, to the amusement of both.

Fast-forward to a repair shop to see how much damage pouring the fizzy drink into the tank made, brings us to the most interesting part of the video, but we won't completely spoil that for you, as all we can say is that the repairs cost more than the old Bimmer.

From what we have learned over the years, Coca-Cola is great for giving your tires a nice shine, it can also be used to clear rust off various metals, and it's also good for removing blood stains, not that you would ever need that knowledge, though.

And remember, don't, under any circumstance, try this at home.


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