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Samsung Creates 'Graphene Ball' To Speed Up Battery Charging Times

While some companies are shifting their focus towards solid-state batteries, Samsung believes lithium-ion batteries still have a future in the automotive industry.

As such, researchers at the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) have developed what they call a �graphene ball�, a material that coats the electrodes and allows for a 45 per cent increase in capacity and five times faster-charging speeds than standard lithium-ion batteries. In fact, Samsung says a battery with graphene ball material could fully charge in just 12 minutes.

During its research, SAIT were able to synthesize graphene into a 3D form that resembles popcorn. It is this material that is applied to the electrodes.

Speaking of the technology, project leader Dr. Son In-hyuk said the material could be applied to batteries without significant changes to current battery manufacturing techniques.

�Our research enables mass synthesis of multifunctional composite material graphene at an affordable price. At the same time, we were able to considerably enhance the capabilities of lithium-ion batteries in an environment where the markets for mobile devices and electric vehicles is growing rapidly. Our commitment is to continuously explore and develop secondary battery technology in light of these trends,� he said.




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