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This Is What Makes The Ferrari 250 GT Lusso A $3 Million Car

Back when Ferrari first came out with the 250 GT Lusso, they meant for it to be more of a luxury grand tourer rather than a sports car like the 250 GT Berlinetta.

While its interior was more spacious than that of the regular 250 GT, the Lusso only seated two people, unlike the 250 GT/E, which was the first mass-production four-seat Ferrari.

As you might imagine for a car that dates back to the early 1960s, it comes with some quirks. For example, trying to switch something on or off inside the car is a risky proposition if you don't know exactly what each button does - all the switches look the same and are completely unlabeled. Pull the wrong one and instead of turning on the wipers, you could mess with the fuel pump and stall the car.

On the road, Doug DeMuro, who did this review, enjoyed the Lusso, stating that the clutch is easy to operate, although, despite being powered by a V12 engine, it's not particularly fast or loud.

Overall, for a '60s Ferrari, the Lusso is spacious, comfortable and easy to drive. It was also very luxurious and stylish back in its glory days, which is why it's worth as much as it is today.




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