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This Old Chevy C10 Isn't Quite As Derelict As It First Seems

Appearances can be deceiving. Just look at this old Chevy C10, of the type GM built back in the 1960s.

Looks pretty beat up, doesn’t it? The wheels tell a different story: this is a full Pro Touring-spec autocross machine, built to dice up the twistiest of improvised racetracks.

Built by South African tuner RACE!, this old pickup is dropped to the tarmac and fitted with a set of Forgiato Formula modular alloys. While they may look a little incongruous with the patina’d bodywork, the low-key black finish matches the lower front fascia well, and at any rate doesn’t betray the truck’s true nature as much as a shinier set of shoes would.

So the next time you see what looks like a beat up old jalopy, take a good look at the rolling stock before you go challenging it to an impromptu drag race.

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