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East Coast Defender Works Its Magic With Heritage-Inspired Project Tuki

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For Land Rover Defender owners looking for a radical variant of their heavy-duty off-roader, Florida-based East Coast Defender answers the call with some extreme offerings. The company’s latest SUV, Project Tuki, is a little different from the firm’s regular vehicles.

The tuner took a Defender 110 and modified the vehicle to celebrate the SUV’s original look. The 4×4’s exterior shades of Keswick Green and white, for instance, are pure old-school Defender. The heritage front grille and white steel wheels are the icing on the cake.

Under the green hood sits a rebuilt Rover V8 that produces 175 hp. Like we said, this is a heritage-inspired build, not something crazy like the Corvette-powered Project XIII. The engine is paired to ZF five-speed automatic gearbox.

The interior is also a nod to the Defender’s classic styling. The SUV features Panda Charcoal leather on Puma seats, a Nardi wooden steering wheel, All American Nickle Series gauges and black leather scattered throughout. There are some modern touches on the interior, though, including a Kenwood infotainment system and a backup camera.

Honestly, East Coast Defender’s latest project is one of its best looking we’ve seen so far. It goes without saying that something this unique and good looking certainly won’t be cheap. The company didn’t provide pricing, though, which means that it’s probably a lot more expensive than we’re guessing.

With a new Defender right around the corner, East Coast Defender’s Project Tuki couldn’t have come at a better time for those who love the original.
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