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Owning A Lamborghini Huracan Is Not That Expensive - Or Is It?

There are many petrolheads out there who might be able to stretch to a supercar, especially a used one, but refrain from doing so due to the maintenance and insurance costs this would entail.

However, the costs aren't that scary when it comes to a Lamborghini Huracan - or at least that's what a YouTuber who owns one claims.

Bought in 2016 with just 1,000 miles (1,609km) on the odo, the Italian supercar now has 23,000 miles (37,015km). During this time, it went through a few oil changes, which cost anywhere between $500 and $1,500 each depending on where they're done, so taking it to a mechanic rather than an authorized dealer is more economical, and, as he says, you'd still keep your warranty.

Driving the Huracan on a daily basis, combined with the occasional track days and having fun on twisty roads will eat those tires quite fast, so how much does a new set cost? Well, that'll be $1,700 then, which, for their size, is actually quite reasonable.

It wasn't all smooth sailing, though, as the Huracan had an issue with the right front brake pad. This turned out to be quite expensive, as the carbon ceramic disc had to be changed, and it burned a $6,000 hole in his pocket. Moreover, since it was in the shop, it also got an oil change, fluid flush and its brake pads changed on all four corners. Thus, in the end, he was faced with a $9,000 bill; and that's kinda scary...

So, how much did the owner of this Huracan had to pay after owning the car for a year and a half? Well, you can find out the answer by watching the video that follows.




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