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This Slammed Rolls-Royce Dawn Just Goes To Show That ‘Subtle’ Is Relative

3,362. That was how many examples of the Ghost, Wraith, and Dawn that Rolls-Royce sold last year around the world.

That was a good year for the British automaker, but it still hardly makes its vehicles what you might call “common” or “prolific,” by any stretch of the imagination. Not unless you spend a lot of time among footballers or oil barons.

Still, there are some who’ll always look to set theirs apart from the others they might encounter in the parking lots of the world’s most elite establishments. Like Manabu Goto, the Japanese exotic enthusiast who took his Dawn to an altogether more… shall we say, “outlandish” extent.

The white-on-white “drop-head coupe” (in Rolls-Royce parlance) is fitted with a Wald body kit, a dropped suspension, and oversized Forgiato Troppo-ECL modular alloys with brushed faces and red inserts (to match the brake calipers). It looks like the rims have been curbed a few times, but then we suppose that’s almost inevitable when you’re rolling on 24-inch wheels around a major city.

We can’t imagine the aftermarket wheels and suspension leave it riding quite as serenely as the engineers in Goodwood originally intended, but then we gather that’s not exactly the point in this particular case.

Subtle it is not, but if you can imagine it, the Roller is far more subdued than Goto’s other ride. When he’s not rolling around Tokyo in the dropped Dawn, he’s driving a hot pink metallic Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster, which is about as eye-catching a supercar as you’re likely to see in this lifetime.
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