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Toyota Gazoo Announces New GT86 Trophy Competition In Europe

Toyota Gazoo Racing is expanding its European activities with the introduction of a new Trophy Competition for drivers of GT86 rally and race cars.

The new Trophy is open to owners of both the GT86 CS-V3 and CS-Cup race cars, as well as those of the GT86 CS-R3 rally car.

And since Gazoo Racing wanted their new Trophy Competition to be as flexible as possible, it allows cars that can be entered in more than one competition series in Europe and earn trophy points based on the size of the grid and the level of competition.

The final standings of the new Trophy series will be determined by the ten best results from each competitor within the 2018 season. The winner gets €35,000 as a prize and a Toyota CH-R. Second and third places are rewarded with €25,000 and €20,000 respectively.

“The Toyota Gazoo Racing Trophy is an exciting project that brings together a large number of competitors from different disciplines to compete for the title,” said Emanuele Battisti, TMB Customer Motorsport Project Leader. “Combining race and rally cars in the same competition is a very interesting aspect to the competition and we believe this will create excitement for both participants and fans.”

Toyota Motorsport expects plenty of competitors already taking part in the VLN, RCN, and Nurburgring 24 Hours to join their newfound Trophy, as well as people racing in the Tour European Rally Series, the German Rally Championship and the FIA European Rally Championship.

The highest possible score per event is 75, which is available for victory in a class with more than five cars in a 24-hour race, or rally event with 200km (124 miles) or more of special stages.

Prizes will be awarded to competitors who enter a minimum of five events, from January 1, 2018 to November 30, 2018. More details about the scoring system and prizes can be found at Toyota Motorsport’s dedicated website.
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