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Underground Racing Puts 2,500+HP Lamborghini Huracan Up For Sale

Underground Racing have listed a very special Lamborghini Huracan, with an insane amount of power, for sale. Made in 2015, this Italian exotic only has 883 miles (1,421km) on the clock, most of them for testing purposes.

This Huracan has a twin-turbo upgrade, which together with other work carried in the engine compartment allows it to produce almost twice its initial output, namely 1,200 horsepower. Mind you, that's on pump gas; fill its tank with VP import race gas and the tuner claims the supercar will put down a whopping 2,500hp!

Sadly, though, Underground Racing haven't disclosed any performance data, so we have no idea how fast this Huracan is from 0 to 60mph (96km/h), or how quick it can complete a 1/4-mile.

However, in 2016, another twin-turbo Huracan modified by the same company reached 247mph (398km/h) during a 1/2-mile run, on street tires, while an Audi R8, with the same amount of power, sprinted down the same distance at 244mph (393km/h).

Another thing that Underground Racing won't disclose is the supercar's price, but someone truly interested in it should have no problem finding out how much they're asking for it.