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Jeep Compass Spawns Next-Generation Fiat Freemont

If you were to interview 100 people and ask if they think the Fiat Freemont looks good, chances are 99 would say it is as ugly as sin.

Nevertheless, the vehicle continues to soldier on in a market being flooded by all-new crossovers and SUVs with technology many years ahead of the Freemont. But, if FCA were to base a next-gen Freemont around the Jeep Compass, could it reinvent the Italian crossover?

To find out, Car Passion has designed a next-gen Freemont based around the Compass and the result is surprisingly impressive.

The vehicle has the same overall shape as the Compass but adopts a comprehensively modified fascia consisting of new headlights, a custom bumper, and a Fiat grille. These changes have been complemented by curved wheel arches which, to our eyes, look much more stylish than the squared arches of the Jeep.

Given the relationship between Jeep and Fiat as part of FCA, creating a Compass-based Freemont wouldn’t be too difficult. However, the company has become synonymous with delaying vehicle updates and probably has no immediate plans to launch a new Freemont.




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